We have big news! 

You will not be receiving FIELD NOTES this month as we are changing it to give you a wider range of important information that impacts you and your business. 

This month’s Field Notes is an update on WHAT’S NEW at Chesapeake Harvest.   

For starters, July Field Notes is expanding it’s coverage, focusing on what is important to you and your business locally, regionally and nationally.  It’s under construction now and will be sent to your inbox in July.

Back by popular demand, we are excited to announce that the Sandhill Sampler Box is available!  The photo above is just one of last year’s Sampler Boxes.  Also, check out the sausage variety from Abundant Grace Farm.  If that’s not enough, we have Roseda Black Angus Farm beef hamburgers, hotdogs, steak and ground beef!  Sizzle and Swing and Night Kitchen Coffee & Spices have all the spices you need to add some zest to your summer recipes.

We are LIVE with our new online market.  This is a streamlined, easier-to-use platform for a better shopping experience.  With all the Summer produce becoming available, now is the time to register for our online market.  SHOP HERE  For those that are already on the current platform, you will be getting an email from us inviting you to the new platform.

Thank you for supporting our mission of bringing fresh, local food to your table. Thank you, farmers, for your hard work in producing the bounty we get to enjoy. 

Stay tuned for more to come!