Happy Harvest Season! Some may think harvesting is an ending, while others may think it’s a beginning. It’s all part of the life cycle of food. One season needs the other season. A time to nourish and rest and a time to sow and reap.

In this issue, check out Producer News to see how a man with a vision shows others how to invest in helping our farmers be good stewards of the land they sow.

Did you ever think doctors would be writing prescriptions for healthy food? Agricultural News will go into more detail.

Finally: Chesapeake Harvest Retail has moved into a new growing season with Black Bottom Farm Collective. Together, we are expanding the reach for local, healthy food. Get all the details in our Farm to Table section.

As always, we want to hear what matters to you!


– The Chesapeake Harvest Team

Farm to Table: In case you haven’t heard, Chesapeake Harvest shared some exciting news last week!

Since 2017, Chesapeake Harvest has connected you to healthy, locally produced foods. We started out with our popular weekly sampler box, and over time, were able to add a wide variety of products including a year-round supply of fresh vegetables and fruits, beef, pork, chicken, oysters, desserts, spices, kombucha and more to our online platform offerings. 

So, here’s the great newsChesapeake Harvest joins Black Bottom Farm Collective to announce a new collaboration to build a stronger, more cohesive local food system. 

Exciting changes you can expect…

With this new collaboration, which is effective today, you will have access to the best offerings of our region, while maintaining the same access to Chesapeake Harvest branded products that you’ve come to expect:

Continued convenient at home/business delivery at a reasonable fee.

Expanded product offerings including:

  • Farmer’s Choice Meat Box
  • Pantry Staples Assortment
  • Organic Value Box
  • An assortment of plant-based protein products
  • Seafood

Thank you for your continued loyalty to the Chesapeake Harvest brand and local foods. We are continually looking to improve your experience and expand our offerings. We believe this collaboration will do just that! When you sign on to the Chesapeake Harvest retail site, you will be redirected to Black Bottom Farm Collective’s website to shop and place your orders. OR….you can go directly to their store by clicking HERE. Please create an account and sign up for their weekly newsletter. 


A message from Kim and Hannah…


Dear Easton friends,

Easton has been the bedrock of Black Bottom Farm for over a decade. I began sustainably farming in Kent County and selling pastured pork and mushrooms at the Easton Farmers Market eleven years ago. The community has supported my family and farm over the years and I am excited for this new venture. I met Hannah Grose a few years ago through other local farms and we began to brainstorm ways to deliver a full diet of local, sustainable food to our neighbors. Two years ago we launched the Black Bottom Farm Collective, which offers home delivery from an online farm market full of food from like-minded, environmentally and socially driven farmers and food makers from our community. We are delighted to continue delivering delicious, highly nutritious, farm-fresh local food to you and further Chesapeake Harvest’s wonderful work in the Easton area.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact Kim at (443) 962-0764 or Hannah at (410)657-2331. To learn more about the Collective, our story, or our partners, visit Black Bottom Farm Collective, LLC.


Have a wonderful day-

Kim and Hannah

Food Entrepreneurs- Is Your Food Business Profitable?
The Chef’s Edge- On-Line Business Course and Consulting Collective Opportunity

 Are you a food entrepreneur or value-added farm businesses that are looking to improve your business’s bottom line? In time, emerging and established entrepreneurs reach a point where they would profit from more intensive business skills training; particularly around the topic of finance, accounting, and using their numbers for business refinement and growth. 

But, the need exceeds simply learning how to set-up and input numbers into an accounting package; the need is for understanding their financial position and using that information to make profitable decisions for their food business. This calls for a deep-dive into understanding financial reports and how to use the Quickbooks accounting and financial planning program. Whether you struggle to understand the economics of your business or just want to increase your food business’s profitability, the Chef’s Edge- On-Line Business Course and Consulting Collective Opportunity course is for you! You don’t have to meet this challenge alone.  

This is a 6-week course is designed to give chefs and food entrepreneurs the skills and tools needed to cultivate financially sustainable businesses. Group sessions begin Wednesday, November 6th and meet on-line for 2 hours each week. The first hour is devoted to a specific business topic, such as QuickBooks or Cash Flow Budgeting. The second hour is an open discussion for participants to ask specific questions about their businesses. This “consulting collective” combines the benefits of a business workshop and one-on-one technical assistance, with the added value of peer-learning.

Course Instructor Julia Shanks, author of The Farmer’s Office: Tools, Tips and Templates to Successfully Manage Your Farm Business, is a dynamic educator known for demystifying impenetrable topics. She works with food and farm businesses to help them maximize profits and streamline operations. She specializes in business planning, feasibility studies, and operational audits. She has an MBA from Babson College.

This Professional Development Package includes: ‘ 

  • 12 hours course-time
  • Unlimited access to The Farmer’s Office Online – videos, webinars and office hours
  • Learn from your peers AND build your network


REGISTER TODAY! Classes Begin November 6th
$600 ($800 after 10/15/19) ‘ 
$900 ($1100 after 10/15/19) includes 3 individual consulting sessions

This training is a joint program conducted by Julia Shanks Consulting and supported by the University of Maryland Extension, the Maryland Agriculture and Resource-Based Industries Development Corporation (MARBIDCO) and the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Corporation (SMADC).  Maryland residents qualify for a $100 class fee discount. Southern Maryland participants that complete the course are also eligible for a $50 reimbursement of the course fee following completion of the training.


A full six-week agenda is available with early bird registration at http://juliashanks.com/the-chefs-edge/

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019 4:00pm – 7:00 pm
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Market Readiness: Insider Tips for Maintaining Produce Quality After Harvest
Monday, November 4, 2019  |  9:00pm – 3:00pm
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Market Readiness: Insider Tips for Maintaining Produce Quality After Harvest
Wednesday, November 6, 2019  |  9:00pm – 3:00pm
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Southern Maryland Agricultural Marketing Conference
Friday, November 14, 2019  |  8:30am – 3:30pm
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Thursday, November 14, 2019  |  8:00am – 3:-00pm
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