About Us

Chesapeake Harvest partners with farmers and experienced educators to bring produce safety training to small, diverse, urban, rural, and hard-to-reach farm communities in the Mid-Atlantic region. We do this by using a community-based educator approach; training farmers and agricultural service providers to work in their own communities where they can have the greatest impact implementing produce safety practices, from soil to sale.

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In addition to facilitating on-farm workshops and producing webinars and training videos, we work one-on-one with farmers to cater our educational services to your unique needs, finding creative solutions for diverse situations.

We hope that this website can serve as a resource for you as you navigate the food safety landscape to find practical ways for incorporating produce safety into your farm operations, especially as you grow your business to reach new markets.

The Chesapeake Harvest Educator Team

Lead Trainers

Aleya Fraser

Aleya is the principal consultant at ACRES Consulting Services. She has several years of organic farming experience and exposure to many strong networks of farmers and organizers in the region and internationally.

Aleya Fraser


Kimberly is a Chesapeake Harvest Produce Safety Educator and the Farm Manager at Whitelock Community Farm in Baltimore, MD.

Kimberly Raikes


Lindsay is the owner of Organic Planet LLC. She is a personal chef specializing in sustainable and healing food and she is a produce safety consultant.

Lindsay Gilmour


Nykisha Madison-Keita is an International Agricultural Business Consultant, who specializes in food safety training for African farmers in and out of the diaspora.

Nykisha Madison-Keita

Produce Safety Educator Trainees


Crystal is the owner and educator of Holistic Wellness and Health and offers farm and garden consultations including farm risk assessments and food safety plans.

Crystal Forman


Dana Barners is an apiarists (beekeeper) and Food Safety Trainer/ Risk Assessment Assistant to Kimberly Raikes. She helps the food safety protocol and risk assessments.

Dana Barnes

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Mission, Vision and Values

Chesapeake Harvest’s team of community-based produce safety educators help growers meet their produce safety needs, from soil to sale. Through one-on-one coaching in addition to on-farm and virtual workshops, we provide free or low-cost services to ensure accessibility so that growers can reduce risk, keep consumers safe, promote efficiencies, and enhance production. Our train-the-trainer model for food safety educators builds capacity in communities so that fellow growers  work together; less like regulation and more like a conversation.

Chesapeake Harvest envisions a food system that contributes to a vibrant regional economy with enhanced food production, distribution infrastructure, food security, and the preservation of farms.

Chesapeake Harvest values local, clean, and diverse ingredients bursting with flavor that fuel the growth of a regional Chesapeake Cuisine, seeking out farmers who show their commitment to regenerative agricultural practices that protect the Chesapeake Bay. We believe sustainability is not a fixed point but a pathway of continuous improvement.

Chesapeake Harvest is a project of the Easton Economic Development Corporation

This project and all our webinars and video presentations are funded by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture Food Safety Outreach Program.